Artificers are mages who specialize in working with and creating Artifacts.

Roles in CombatEdit

Artificers create artifacts, items which can be used to alter the course of combat, as well as mechanized minions. Artificers can improve and understand the equipment of their allies, as well as forging new ones. They can create Spellbombs and other mechanisms to boost their allies and weaken their allies, and create working automatons to aid their allies in battle.

Honor ClassesEdit





Color IdentityEdit

Artificers can be any of three colors: Red, Blue, and White.


Red Artificers focus on sacrificing their artifacts to make better ones. Constnatly scrapping one project to move onto another. Their abilities focus on gaing mana from sacrificing artifacts, and making dangerous spellbombs to ensnare and damage their enemies.


Blue Artificers focus on gaining knowledge and power from their creations. They often build machines that provide new spells and mana, as well as Artifact Creatures to do the fighting for them.


White Artificers focus on building Equipment. Tools to provide new abilities and boosts to themselves and their allies.