Berserkers are less Spellcasters and more focused on the Warriors way, hitting things with a blunt instrument.

Roles in CombatEdit

Berserkers are raw damage, running straight into the fray and hitting their foes with devastating attacks and abilities.

Honor ClassesEdit




Color IdentityEdit

Berserkers can be any of three colors: Red, Green, or Black.


Red Berserkers hit fast and hard, but often have penalties to Toughness that make it hard for them to stay in combat long, they need to eliminate their enemies quickly in order to avoid being killed quickly.


Green Berserkers hit hard, but not necessarily fast, they prefer the front of the battle, taking hits and giving hits to everything and anything. Drawing strength from beasts they kill and using abilities like Trample and Rampage to deal damage over a wide area.


Black Berserkers aren't as strong as their Red or Green counterparts, but rely on their visage to intimidate and terrorize their opponents, running past defenses and ripping the throats out of their leaders.