Mystics are adepts at channeling mana from outside sources, whether that be land, their allies, or even themselves.

Roles in CombatEdit

Mystics generate mana for themselves and their allies to cast spells with, allowing groups to cast their more powerful spells faster and easier. They're also adept at summoning creatures to defend themselves and their groups, and use buffs to increase their power and the power of their allies.

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Color IdentityEdit

Mystics are most often Green or White, but in rare cases can be Red.


Green mystics strive to be at one with the forest, drawing exponential power from their mana bonds and using their surplus mana to summon massive creatures and power them up with buffs like Giant Growth.


White Mystics summon small armies of "weenies" weaker creatures such as spirits or soldiers and slowly increase their power in order to overwhelm their enemies with an army of their creature of choice.


Much like Green mystics, Red mystics seek to amass large amounts of red mana. However, unlike the friendly forest, mountains are harder to cultivate mana from. So Red mystics often sacrifice creatures or even their mana bonds in order to gain more mana faster. They use this to call down storms of fire and lightening on their enemies, and summon mighty dragons.